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Carbon Fiber Heck Spoiler für BMW M2 G87 / M240i / 2 M-Pack / 2 Standard G42

Carbon Fiber Heck Spoiler für BMW M2 G87 / M240i / 2 M-Pack / 2 Standard G42

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Carbon Fiber Spoiler BMW M2 G87

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BMW M2 G87  2023 -
Spoiler kit included:
Carbon wing spoiler
Carbon lower spoiler mounts
Aluminum mounting brackets
Carbon trunk lid mounts
Carbon wing end risers
Carbon bottom cap for the wing
The handles are mounted on the trunk lid. The handles are profiled to fit perfectly to the curvature of the trunk lid on the extreme edges
Spoiler wing is made of carbon fiber using the prepreg method - the most modern method of carbon processing, used not only in our company, but in general in the automotive industry in the production of aerodynamic elements and monocoques, joints, roll bars, etc.
This method consists in the appropriate arrangement of carbon sheets in a mold also made of carbon, while processing is carried out using an autoclav - in which a light and extremely durable carbon element is created using pressure and the right temperature.
The spoiler holders, on the other hand, are made of one solid block of aluminum using CNC milling machines, which cut the elements mit an accuracy of 0.02 millimeters - thanks to this, these elements are durable, do not have any welds or joints and ensure safe mounting of the spoiler to the car.
We ship carbon products properly secured - in addition to regular foil that protects the component from scratches, we also use a large amount of bubble wrap and a protective mat that secure the product from impacts and vibrations during transport.

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